I work mostly on philosophy of mathematics and logic. I am also interested in OER, working on forallx: Calgary remix, an open logic textbook, and I’m a contributing editor at the blog A Philosopher’s Take.


PhD in Philosophy, University of Calgary, 2018

MA in HPS, University of Bristol, 2011

Bsc in Physics and Philosophy, University of Bristol, 2010


“Is Hume’s Principle Analytic?”, (W/ E. Darnell, forthcoming), Synthese. (Preprint athe PhilMath-archive)

“Takeuti’s Well-Ordering Proof: Finitistically Fine?” (w/ E. Darnell, 2018) In D. Schlimm & M. Zack (Eds.), Research in History and Philosophy of Mathematics: Proceedings of the CSHPM Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto: Springer. (Preprint at the PhilMath-archive, DOI)

“Cantor, God, and Inconsistent Multiplicities” (2016) in Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric 44(57) pp. 133–146. (Special issue Theology in Mathematics? edited by S. Krajewski and K. Trzesicki) PDF available here (OA).



PhD – “New Directions for Neo-logicism”. Defended 2018.

MA – “New News: Combining Structuralism and Platonism”. Submitted 2011.

Papers in Progress:

“Takeuti’s Well-ordering Proof: A Reconstruction” (w/ Eamon Darnell, working title). Companion to “Takeuti’s Well-ordering Proof: Finitistically Fine?”.

“The Logic of Meso-logicism”. Stand alone historical dissertation chapter.

I’m also working on a couple of other stand alone papers based on material from the PhD dissertation, and a paper on formal theories of truth based on some talks I’ve given and some work E. Darnell is doing.


“Logic Courses for the 21st Century” SoTL project funded by the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning with R. Zach (PI) and N. Wyatt.

  • Created the open textbook forallx: Calgary Remix, with an accessible version in preparation.

  • A poster with an outline and some survey data is available here.





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