• Antonio Rojas Castro deposited FAIR enough? Building DH Resources in an Unequal World in the group Group logo of Global DHGlobal DH on Humanities Commons 2 years, 7 months ago

    In this presentation I will argue that, while the FAIR Principles can guide how we build DH resources in the Global North, any attempt to apply them in the Global South (especially in Latin American countries) may replicate colonialist practices that ignore the digital divide and local needs and practices in favour of hegemonic standards. This caveat is especially relevant for cooperation projects that involve scholars, librarians, archivists and other professionals with different backgrounds, that are based in different countries, speak different languages and have different needs and motivations. In brief, building FAIR resources is a praiseworthy goal, but in order to produce an emancipatory knowledge, that (perhaps) will repair some inequalities, we should avoid eurocentric attitudes, cultural cloning and extractivism.