I am an intellectual historian, with a specialisation in the history of science, medicine, and technology. My work focuses primarily on medieval and early modern conceptual history, history of quantification and reconstruction of scientific instruments. My interests extend more broadly to the role that classical and medieval philosophy played in the development of early modern ideas on logic, method, theory of matter, taxonomy, anatomy and physiology.

I studied at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where I achieved a BA in Theoretical Philosophy (2005), an MA in Philosophy of Science (2008) and a PhD in History of Philosophy and History of Ideas (2012), with a thesis on the influence of Galen’s medicine and psychology on the late-Renaissance philosophy (Ottimo/Summa cum Laude).

I held positions as Postdoctoral and Research Fellow at The Warburg Institute of London,  the University of Exeter,  the Folger Institute of Washington DC, and the Edward Worth Library. In 2018-19 I awarded a Visiting Professor Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Research in the Humanities (IRH-ICUB) in Bucharest, a Visiting Scientist Fellowship at the University of Padua, researching medieval forms of quantification and early modern corpuscularianism and, most recently, I awarded Vicnet Peset Llorca residential fellowship to be held at the University of Valencia (September 2022).

As well as holding an honorary fellowship at the University of Exeter, I am currently Senior Research Fellow at the Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, working as a Principal Investigator on a project revolving around theories of Intensity in Natural Philosophy and Medicine (1400-1650), founded in 2021 by the German Research Foundation (DFG Eigene Stelle).

In 2018 I founded the ‘Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance’ (CSMBR, http://csmbr.fondazionecomel.org/), an institute of advanced research in medical humanities and history of science. The CSMBR is affiliated with four international institutions (i.e. University of Exeter, University of Padua, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, and the Studio Firmano) and is the most important research centre of its kind in Italy.

Along with Jonathan Barry, I am the co-editor of the series ‘Palgrave Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Medicine’ (PSMEMM), published by Palgrave MacMillan – Springer Nature which also runs in association with the CSMBR research activities and grants.

As a junior instructor in Rome (2006-2012), I convened modules on ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy and culture, teaching to undergraduates and adult learners alike. Most recently, as an Adjunct Professor (Exeter, Bucharest, Wurzburg), I have been teaching modules on Early Modern Italian Culture and Society, as well as on Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition, on Galen and early modern medicine, while currently lecturing on German Idealism and the epistemic role of error in medicine at the Faculty of Philosophy and the Insitute for the History of Medicine at the University of Würzburg.

Other than in the history and philosophy of science, I pursued a carrier as a musician and musicologist. I hold a degree in choral direction and my expertise encompasses areas such as composition, musicology, musical direction and palaeography.

Fabrizio Bigotti

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