• Annika Tjuka deposited Computer-Assisted Language Comparison in Practice. Volume 5 on Humanities Commons 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    The weblog Computer-Assisted Language Comparison in Practice, published on the Hypotheses platform for scientific blogging (https://calc.hypotheses.org/), offers tutorials and discussion notes on computer-assisted approaches to the history and diversity of languages. A substantial part of its content is contributed as part of the ERC Starting Grant “Computer-Assisted Language Comparison” (CALC, 715618), funded by the European Research Council. But in the long run, we want to make this blog a platform for everybody willing to share ideas on small or big problems involving data preparation and analysis in computer-assisted or computer-based approaches to language comparison. This document summarizes all contributions from 2022. If you want to cite them, please follow the instructions at the end of each contribution. We express our gratitude to all contributors, who helped to make this an interesting collection of tutorials, algorithms, and initial theories related to the fields of computer-assisted language comparison.