I am an ancient historian with a particular interest in the Greek world, Hellenistic history, and religion, as well as Greek history during the Roman period. Teaching in a History department at Southampton, I am also increasingly fascinated by the reception of the Greek world in later periods of history.

My forthcoming book on Greek Sanctuaries and the Rise of Rome explores the spread of Roman power as seen from religious sites in Greece, the Aegean, and Asia Minor (from the third until the early first century BCE). It brings out the key role of cults and sanctuaries in early exchanges between Greeks, Romans, and Hellenistic rulers – in war, diplomacy, and trade.

As part of my work for the Copenhagen Associations Project, I undertook research on ancient Greek associations, carrying out surveys and detailed studies of epigraphic evidence (esp. from the Aegean), and analysing religious aspects, foreign involvement, and relations with Rome.

My ongoing research interests include the local histories and wider connections of islands in the Aegean from the fifth century BCE, through the Hellenistic age, into the Roman Imperial period; Greek sanctuaries and their networks; and travel and mobility in the ancient world.


D.Phil. Ancient History, University of Oxford

M.St. Ancient History, University of Oxford

M.A. Ancient Cultures (Oudheidkunde), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Associated Member of OIKOS (National Research School for Classical Studies in the Netherlands), research group Cultural Interactions in the Ancient World

Participant in the Antigonid Network

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

Member of British Epigraphy Society

Member of Association Internationale d’Epigraphie Grecque et Latine

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