Helsinki University Press (HUP) is a new and expanding open access University Press, launched in 2020. The Press publishes high-quality scholarly literature, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, and follows a rigorous peer review process. All HUP’s publications – including its books and journals – are freely available online via the Press’ website and other platforms. Our aim is to reach as global an audience as possible including readers in the Global South where high paywalls can be a major challenge. We believe the absence of paywalls increases the societal impact of research by allowing readers outside of academic institutions also to access scholarship.

HUP aspires not only to expand audiences. We also aim for internationally excellent quality. The Press offers researchers support and services to make sure that publishing their work in Open Access is smooth, professional, and of high quality. Our services include copyediting by native speakers, indexing by professional indexers, and an experienced HUP contact person to guide you through the whole publication process. For more information on our services, see here.

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