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    Presented in the spirit of Open Educational Resources. Full Course Outline for The World as Medium and/vs The Third Media Revolution. Level 3 course designed across many programs (Journalism and Comms, BA, Design, PR, Screen and Sound, Law, etc). So it’s a somewhat generalist course. It begins with a summary of standard approaches (from standard approaches to media and comms to the behaviourist, cybernetic, cognitivist and then embodied, extended, enactivist understandings) that inform so much of what goes on. It then moves to alternatives to these, in expanded media terms, along with the idea of “the world as medium” and a “third media revolution’. We look at affect and process understandings. Then we turn to shifts in interface and interaction technologies (VR, AR, internet of things etc), data and algorithms, Chun’s concept of programmability, Artificial Intelligence, the future of work, and finally new forms of organisation (P2P, blockchain, digital democracy, commons) etc in relation to media and comms and their role in transition. There are a lot of summaries of ideas and materials, addressed to this level of work.