Andrew Godfrey-Meers is a PhD researcher in English and Comic Studies at the University of Dundee, and was the principal organiser of the 7th International Comics & Medicine conference (theme Stages & Pages) in Dundee in 2016. His research focuses on representations of disability, illness, and medical treatment in the interdisciplinary field and genre of Graphic Medicine. Using ritual, myth, and genre as theoretical tools he explores the tension between transformative and restrictive models in works of Graphic Medicine as well as in the field itself.

He has previously self-published comics about his experiences with the chronic illness Cystic Fibrosis, as well as collaborative comics on mental health with Emma Jeramie, under the name Sicker Than Thou.

His future research interests include but are not limited to:

  • Examining the limitations of empathy in Graphic Medicine and the Medical Humanities

  • Expanding on research on Graphic Medicine as a field and genre (its discursive and social functions, positioning, and exclusions, etc.)

  • Exploring the potential links between Graphic Medicine, disability, welfare, and healthcare activism (particularly regarding the differences between the UK and US Systems, increasing privatization in the NHS, and coercive healthism and technology)

Currently looking for postdoctoral research positions.


PhD English, University of Dundee, 2014-2019 (Awaiting Viva)

Thesis title: Graphic Medicine as Monomyth

MLitt Comic Studies (Distinction), University of Dundee Sep 2012-Oct 2013

(Awarded Grant Morrison prize for Comic Studies 2013)

BA (Single Hons) Cultural Studies (2:1) Bath Spa University




Godfrey, A. 2018. Review: Anne Whitehead’s Medicine & Empathy in Contemporary British Literature: An Intervention in Medical Humanities. [Online]

Godfrey, A. 2018. “For your own good”: Health as moral value and political weapon. [Online]

Godfrey, A. 2018. The Limits of Empathy (Part Two: Empathetic Voyeurism, Selfishness, and Inaction). [Online]

Godfrey, A. 2018. The Limits of Empathy (Part One: Selective Empathy). [Online]

Godfrey, A. 2018. On the front line: A review of Rachel Clarke’s ‘Your Life in My Hands’ & Adam Kay’s ‘This is Going to Hurt’. [Online}

Godfrey, A. 2017. My Graphic Medicine Journey (Part One-Three). [Online}

Available at: https://medicalhealthhumanities.com/author/agodfrey85/

Godfrey, A. 2017. The Ethical Zombie: A Review of The Walking Med: Zombies and The Medical Image. [Online} Available at https://www.comicsgrid.com/articles/10.16995/cg.112/


Godfrey-Meers, A. ‘Unraveling the Super-Crip: Superheros as Subversion, a Personal Essay in Comic Form’ In Smith, S.T. & Alaniz, J (eds) Uncanny Bodies: Ability and Disability in Superhero Comics. (University Park: Penn State University Press, publication date unknown)

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

‘Artist and Publisher Roundtable’ at Performing and Picturing Patienthood: Exploring Graphic Illness Narratives, London College of Communication, April 4th 2019

‘Graphic Medicine as Myth and Ritual’ at Performing and Picturing Patienthood: Exploring Graphic Illness Narratives, London College of Communication April 5th 2019

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