Scholar of Media Ecology, Internetwork Studies, Computer History and Software Studies. Beginning in 2001 I have taught into university Media, Communication and Cultural Studies programmes at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework. I’m also a qualified Vocational Trainer/Assessor. I am currently a sessional tutor/assessor in 2 online-only classes. If you are interested in any of the themes or ideas presented here on this page please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading this, I hope you have a good day / night!


*  2015 – Muir, Adam and Daniel Hourigan (eds). “Editors’ Introduction to the Technique issue”.  M/C: Media and Culture, Vol 18, no 2.  http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/article/view/975 * 2004 – Muir, Adam. “Virtual Strangers, Imaginary Friends”. The Griffith Review. Edition 3: Webs of Power.  https://griffithreview.com/articles/virtual-strangers-imaginary-friends/ *  2003 – Stockwell, Stephen & Adam Muir. “The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare”, ::FibreCulture:: Journal. Vol 1, no 1. http://one.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-004-the-military-entertainment-complex-a-new-facet-of-information-warfare


Current Research includes: * The Software-Defined-Media Ecosystem:  Extending concepts from North American Media Ecology to make sense of the contemporary media environment.  #SoftwareDefinedMedia * Unearthing the Auscene:  Personal Micro-computer history in Australia, specifically the Commodore Amiga series (mid-1980s to 1990s) and the related creative-computing communities that comprise the Demoscene(s). #Auscene * “digital methods” for Media Ecology research. * Internet Privacy for Everyday Citizens. PAST: *  “Researching Creative Micro-Computing in Australia” (2015).  Promotional Video – Play It Again Project (Flinders University of South Australia). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR8-10qjoiI

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

  • 2017-10 “More than a Metaphor: The Software-Defined Media Ecosystem”.  Freshlines Symposium 2017, Griffith University, Brisbane.
  • 2017-07 “More than a Metaphor: Introducing the Software-Defined-Media Ecosystem”. ANZCA17  University of Sydney.
  • 2014-06 “Unearthing the Auscene”. Born Digital and Cultural Heritage conference. ACMI, Melbourne.
  • 2012-11 “Demoscene: Art from Algorithms”. CODE conference. Swinburne University, Melbourne.
  • 2012-09 “The Australian Demoscene as a Creative Community”. Creative Communities 3, Gold Coast.
  • 2006-10 “Internetwork Ecology”. Association of Internet Researchers: IR7, Brisbane.
  • 2006-07 “Media Ecology and the Internet”.  School of Arts in-house work-in-progress seminar series, Griffith University.
  • 2003-07 “Military-Entertainment Complex”. Fibreculture 3: FibrePower, Powerhouse Brisbane.
  • 2002-03 “Virtuality and Online/Offline Life”. School of Arts in-house seminar series, Griffith University.


  • Producer  — NoAgenda Show (twice-weekly podcast covering geo-political current events and media deconstruction)
  • Associate Member — Media Ecology Association
  • Associate Member — Free Software Foundation
  • Creative Commons
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • 4zZz 102.1FM (Brisbane community radio)

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