2021:  Currently transitioning away from academia (higher education).

Independent Researcher and Educator;
Internet Studies, Media Ecology, Computer History, Digital Methods.


I have more than a decade of experience as a casual academic (a sessional, or adjunct) at several Australian Universities.
I fulfilled the roles of Convenor, Lecturer, Content Developer, Tutor, and Assessor.
I delivered teaching (both in-person and online-only) at all levels of coursework (under-graduate and post-graduate).

I have experience as a Research Assistant (doing interview transcription, systematic literature reviews, data entry, etc).
I am a qualified Work-place Trainer and Assessor (Cert IV: TAE).

If you are interested in any of the themes or ideas presented here on this profile please feel free to contact me.
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Blog Posts



    (2015) “Researching Creative Micro-Computing in Australia”.  (YouTube video, 7 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR8-10qjoiI
    Promotional video for “Play it Again” project (phase 1).  Part of an ARC-funded Future Fellowship lead by Professor Melanie Swalwell.


    My longest research project (2001 – 2015) applied media ecology to understanding the internet as an ecosystem. #Internetwork-Ecology

    I conducted a meta-analysis of [scientific ecology] and [media ecology, social network studies, and software studies].

    I concluded that the use of the term “ecosystem” in media ecology is NOT simply metaphorical because ecosystems by their nature have multiple dimensions. #Software-Defined-Media

    These multiple dimensions are frequently represented in the humanities as “ecologies” (following F.Guattari, G.Bateson, et al) which is inaccurate because ecology is the name of a discipline and “an ecology” is not a unit of measurement for complex systems. One simple solution is to use “an ecosystem” instead of “an ecology” which is immediately compatible with scientific ecology. #There-Are-No-Ecologies

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences



    • 2017-10 “More than a Metaphor: The Software-Defined-Media Ecosystem”.  Freshlines Symposium 2017, Griffith University, Brisbane.

    • 2017-07 “More than a Metaphor: Introducing the Software-Defined-Media Ecosystem”. ANZCA17  University of Sydney.

    • 2014-06 “Unearthing the Auscene”. Born Digital and Cultural Heritage conference. ACMI, Melbourne.

    • 2012-11 “Demoscene: Art from Algorithms”. CODE conference. Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

    • 2012-09 “The Australian Demoscene as a Creative Community”. Creative Communities 3, Gold Coast.

    • 2006-10 “Internetwork Ecology”. Association of Internet Researchers: IR7, Brisbane.

    • 2006-07 “Internetwork Ecology: Understanding the Internet as an Ecosystem”.  School of Arts in-house work-in-progress seminar series, Griffith University.

    • 2003-07 “Military-Entertainment Complex”. Fibreculture 3: FibrePower, Powerhouse Brisbane.

    • 2002-03 “Virtuality and Online/Offline Life”. School of Arts in-house seminar series, Griffith University.


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