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    • 1994-2004 Duke University, Durham, NC 

      • Ph.D., History

      • Dissertation: “The Contours of Identity: Sephardic Jews and the Construction of Jewish Communities in Argentina, 1880 to the present” (Dr. Daniel James, Dr. John D. French, advisers)

    • 1985-1989 Instituto Nacional del Profesorado “Joaquin V. Gonzalez,” Buenos Aires, Argentina

      • Teacher of English as a Second Language



    Books and Book chapters (refereed)

    • “The Fight Against “Guefilte Fish”: Asserting Sephardic Culinary Repertoires Among Argentine Jews in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century,” in Hasia Diner and Simone Cinotto, eds., Global Jewish Foodways: A History (Nebraska University Press, forthcoming 2017)

    • Sephardi, Jewish, Argentine: Constructing Community and National Identity, 1880-1960 (Indiana University Press, 2016)

    • “Belonging to Many Homes: Argentine Sephardi Youth in Buenos Aires and in Israel, 1956-1976,” in Transnational Histories of Youth in the Twentieth Century, edited by David Pomfret and Richard Jobs, 213-35, (Palgrave, 2015): 213-235.

    • Brodsky, Adriana, and Raanan Rein, eds. The New Jewish Argentina: Facets of Jewish Experiences in the Southern Cone (Brill, 2012.) Winner of the 2013 Latin American Jewish Studies Association Best Book Award.

    • “Educating Argentine Jews: Sephardim and their schools, 1920s-1960s,” in Amalia Ran, ed., Returning to Babel: Jewish Latin American Experiences and Representations (Brill Press, 2011): 33-51.

    • “Re-configurando Comunidades: Judíos Sefaradíes/Arabes in Argentina, 1900-1950,” in Árabes y judíos en Iberoamérica: similitudes, diferencias y tensiones (Dykinson, Madrid, 2008): 117-134.

    • “Bailes, Tertulias, y Beneficencia: Las Sociedades de Damas y la reconstrucción de la identidad étnica,” Recreando la Cultura Judeo-Argentina. 1894-2001.  En el Umbral del Segundo Siglo, ed. Ricardo Feierstein, and Stephen Sadow, (Buenos Aires: Milá, 2002): 230-236.


    Journal articles and edited Journal issues (refereed)

    • Co-editor of Journal of Jewish Identities 8:2 (2015) special issue “Jewish Youth in the Global 1960s.”

    • “Argentine Sephardi Youth: Between Aliyah and Activism, 1960-1970,” Journal of Jewish Identities 8:2 (2015), 113-135.

    • Co-editor of Journal of Jewish Identities 5:1 (2012) special issue “Jewish Latin American Identity and Cultural Production.”

    • “‘Miss Sefaradí’, and ‘Queen Esther’: Sephardim, Zionism, and ethnic and national identities in Argentina, 1933-1971,” Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe 23:1 (2012): 35-60.

    • “Trabajando por el Estado de Israel: Los Sefaradíes de la Argentina y el Sionismo, 1910-1960,” Sefárdica 17 (2008): 71-79.

    • “Suspendidas entre la Tradición y la Modernidad: Recuperando las mujeres Sefaradíes,” Sefárdica 13, (April 2002): 99-113.


    Book Reviews (non-refereed)

    • Review of Lewis Nouwen, Mollie, Oy, My Buenos Aires: Jewish Immigrants and the Creation of Argentine National Identity (University of New Mexico Press, 2013) in Hispanic American Historical Review 94: 3 (2014)

    • Review of Bejarano, Margalit, and Edna Aizenberg, eds. Contemporary Sephardic Identity in the Americas: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Syracuse University Press, 2012) in Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe 24, no. 2 13 (2013).

    • Review of Raanan Rein, Maria José Cano Pérez, and Beatriz Molina Rueda, eds, Más allá del medio oriente: Las diásporas judía y árabe en américa latina (Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada, 2012) in Hispanic American Historical Review 93:3 (2013).

    • Review of Freidenberg, Judith Noemí, The Invention of the Jewish Gaucho: Villa

    • Clara and the Construction of Argentine Identity (Austin: University of Texas

    • Press, 2009), in Bulletin of Latin American Research 30:4 (2011)

    • Review of Lesser, J. and R. Rein, eds., Rethinking Jewish-Latin Americans (Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 2008), in Estudios

    • Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe 20:2 (2009).

    • Review of Edmundo Murray, Becoming Irlandés: Private Narratives of the Irish Emigration to Argentina (1844-1912), (Buenos Aires: L.O.L.A, 2006), in Bulletin

    of Latin American Research, 27:2 (2008).

    • Review of L. J. Greenspoon, R. A. Simkins, and G. Shapiro, eds., Food and Judaism, (Creighton University Press, 2005), in American Jewish History, 92:3 (2004).

    • Review of Adina Cimet, Ashkenazi Jews in Mexico: Ideologies in the Structuring of a Community, in Contemporary Jewry, 18 (1997).


    Works in Progress

    • Navigating Multiple Diasporas: Argentine Sephardi Youth at Home and in Israel, 1948-1976

    • “Argentine Sephardim and the Holocaust: Reactions and Remembrance”


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