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    Claramonte is one of the playwrights who has had the most unusual fate in our theatrical heritage. Reviled by early scholars as a plagiarist, recaster and, ultimately, a second-order author, in recent decades he has reemerged as a possible author of capital works of our theatre. Using stylometric techniques that have been proven to be effective and less contaminated by previous judgments, we have analyzed an extensive corpus of Golden Age theatre (2.800 plays) in order to isolate his authorial style and form a new repertoire. After the tests, up to 39 comedias and 7 autos can be entirely or partially attributed to the dramatist. We, thus, reconfirm the authorship of texts that were not previously questioned (De lo vivo a lo pintado, Deste agua no beberé, La infelice Dorotea, etc.), support recent attributions (La Estrella de Sevilla, Tan largo me lo fiais, etc.), identify up to 16 new attributions that had not been previously recognized (Allá darás, rayo, De un yerro nacen mil, La lindona de Galicia, etc.), and dismiss some risky attributions (El alcalde de Zalamea, El condenado por desconfiado, El médico de su honra, etc.). The complete reports on each of the texts can be found at https://etso.es/.