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    This article proposes the inclusion in Lope’s repertoire of La francesa Laura, a comedia preserved in an anonymous manuscript of the BNE, never before related to the playwright. The investigation started thanks to the results of the process in the Transkribus and ETSO platforms, which pointed out the close relationship of the lexicon with the authentic plays of the Fénix. To these initial data, also significant to place it in the last phase of Lope’s long career, we have added the results of the different analyzes that philology has proposed over time for the investigation of authorship in the theatre of the Golden Age, so in need of these clarifications: material bibliography, historical context, onomatology, versification, orthology, intertextuality. There will be no serious inconvenience in any of the examined aspects for not accepting the starting hypothesis as valid, and there will be strong support for elevating it to a thesis. We would be, then, in view of another demonstration of the important support that computer resources can provide to the studies of the aurisecular theatre.