• LM-15 – 2nd level degree in Philology and classical literature Dissertation/thesis title: A study perspective on physicality in Latin declamation: actio in the Controversiae of Seneca the Elder. Dissertation/thesis subject: LINGUA E LETTERATURA LATINA Thesis supervisor: Prof. Andrea Balbo Final degree mark: 110/110 cum laude Graduation date: 03/07/2019


  • L-10 – 1st level degree in Humanities Dissertation/thesis title: The partial implementation of the Theramenian Constitution Dissertation/thesis subject: STORIA GRECA Thesis supervisor: Prof. Silvio Cataldi Final degree mark: 104/110
 Graduation date: 02/11/2016



Other Publications


  • Mandrino 2020: A. Mandrino, La “scoperta” delle Euphorbiaceae: un insospettabile indizio degli orizzonti in politica estera di Giuba II, «Studia Oliveriana» 5-6, 2020, pp. 43-60. (


  • Mandrino 2019: A. Mandrino, The Delegitimization of the Hand in the Rhetorical Communication between I BCE and I CE: Some Observations, «The Korean Society of Greco-Roman Studies» 58, 3, 2019, pp. 63-78. (



Book Chapter

  • Mandrino 2020: A. Mandrino, Ad Fontem Caburri di Francesco Beltrami, in A. Balbo (ed.), Auctores Latini Pedemontani, Alessandria 2020, pp. 25-40.







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