Aspiring philologist. A lover of dogs, mountains and useless hobbies.


After graduating with honours in Ancient Philology (MA) in 2018, I began my studies at the Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archives Administration, which I am at present attending. In the philological field, I chiefly deal with late antique and mediaeval Latin grammatical treatises.
I am currently working with Atlantyca S.p.A. (Milan) as a translator from modern languages to Latin.
In March 2020 I was awarded a research grant at the University of Pisa for the project «Fibonacci 2021: un sistema per edizioni digitali interrogabili a stampa e on-line». 


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My research project deals with the translation into a formal language of the critical edition of Fibonacci’s «Liber Abbaci», set up by Enrico Giusti (forthcoming), and focuses on a new collation of the entire manuscript tradition.

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