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    Angels, as mythical beings, appear and disappear suddenly throughout Biblical Texts, without any clear explanation of their origins or metaphysical ranks. Whether they are considered circumstantial theophanies or entities with granted self-existence and specific divine functions; such metaphysical entities have a vital presence in the religious beliefs and practices of millions of people. This article will provide an outlook that will explain the nature of those beings as ontological principles that evolved from paganic backgrounds, now known by us as archetypes or spiritual entities. By exploring the religious ideas of the ancient world, we can find a divergent approach to the henotheism found in Biblical Texts. This paper will bring forth new essential perspectives to the readers in interpreting some primordial religious symbols and concepts in The Bible, considering their sources from pre-canonical religious backgrounds, meaning paganism. It will be discussed the origins of the angels from astral ancient cults, pointing out intra-biblical evidences of how henotheism was structured by astrology. Those Canaanites beliefs, shaped gradually all the stages of the ancient Israelite religion revealed in the biblical texts, encrypted in the name of places, epithets, biblical characters features, animals, etc.