I have two ongoing research projects. The first, entitled Experimental Women, examines a selection of works of literature and art by women that intersect with scientific subjects; genres include periodicals, textbooks, paper mosaics (collages), paintings, and conduct of life works. In re-visiting these unexpected genres of scientific production and re-assessing their scientific value, we can trace a vibrant tradition of women’s scientific labor in the eighteenth century that has long been understudied. The second project, tentatively titled Women’s Periodicals & The Philosophical Girl, casts a wide net across multiple periodicals throughout the eighteenth century, looking at the ways in which traditionally “feminine” or “feminized” genres such as romance contribute to an active pedagogical strain in periodical literature for women.


MA, English & American Literature, Georgetown University PhD, English, Tufts University


“Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Turkish Embassy Letters: A Critical Survey.” With Jordan Hall and Elizabeth Zold. Literature Compass. 14.10 (2017). DOI: 10.1111/lic3.12405 “Constructing Women’s History in The Lady’s Museum.” Women’s Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain: 1690-1820s: The Long Eighteenth Century. The Edinburgh History of Women’s Periodical Culture in Britain, Volume 1. Eds., Jennie Batchelor and Manushag N. Powell. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. (forthcoming) ““Philosophy for the Ladies”: Feminism, Pedagogy, and Natural Philosophy in Charlotte Lennox’s The Lady’s Museum.Eighteenth-Century Fiction. 28.1 (2015): pp 139-166. “‘An HOBBY-HORSE Well Worth Giving a Description Of’: Disability, Trauma, and Language in Tristram Shandy.” The Idea of Disability in the Eighteenth Century. Ed., Chris Mounsey. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2014: pp 105-133.


Modern Language Association Aphra Behn Society for Women in the Arts American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

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