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    In feminist technoscience studies (FTS), the term technoscience conveys that scientific knowledge and technological worlds are active constructions of entangled material, social, and historical agents. Feminist analyses of assisted reproduction, environmental harm, digital media, and cyborg bodies constitute some of the work of FTS, a close sibling of the new materialisms and post-positivist feminist philosophies of science. Technoscience is also a familiar object of inquiry for scholars of critical disability studies (DS). DS’s historical, sociological, and philosophical engagements with medicine, the politics of design, selective reproduction, fictional cyborgs, and technology users make clear that DS and FTS scholars share at least some understandings of technoscience. However, while feminist disability studies has emerged as a field containing hybrid developments and reciprocal critical exchanges between feminist and disability theories of embodiment, knowledge, and ethics (Garland-Thomson 2011; Tremain 2013), a field of feminist disability technoscience studies is only on the cusp of emergence.