• Anna Gordon deposited Teaching History via Film: Secondary Social Studies Strategies on Humanities Commons 2 years, 3 months ago

    The purpose of this research is to present educators with examples of effective history teaching via the
    use of motion films. These “cases” of real-world practice—detailed descriptions of instructors at work, as
    well as replicas of supporting materials—are intended to provide teachers ideas and skills for delivering
    successful film-based courses. They’re also offered to help instructors grasp the difficult challenges that
    come with utilizing movies to teach history. We hope that these anecdotes of real instructors and their
    pupils will inspire readers to reflect about how movies influence people’s perceptions of the past.
    Furthermore, we believe that these lessons may be extended and fitted to many different classes in ways
    that encourage students to see movies as historical narratives and interpretations to be analyzed,
    questioned, and debated rather than simply as entertainment.