• André Francisco Pilon deposited Governance, Authority and Social Change: an Ecosystem Approach on Humanities Commons 1 year, 3 months ago

    Part of the literature about politics is dedicated to questions of authoritarianism, which, in the vision of the authors, would be a crescent menace to democratic regimes throughout the world. This is the point: democracy, in the paper, is different from what actually happens in the practice and can be even be the opposite. In the so called democratic societies, authoritarianism can be disguised in several manners, in the concepts of knowledge, culture, education, development, growth, wealth, work and freedom embedded in the market-place and in public institutions. Public policies ignore transformations priorities and the clashes between formal and informal institutions and elite agencies as critical junctures that lead to different outcomes. Free choice is restricted by the propaganda of products and life styles presented as the only alternative for a good life, notwithstanding the increasing cultural, educational, social and economic disparities.