• At the end of a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, the Paris Agreement completes its 5th birthday (December, 12th 2020); are world leaders taking action to avoid the impending chaos, or they still think that ecocide is an invention of environmentalists or utopian thinkers that abhor the capitalistic system?
    Giving up on questionable carbon accounting (Australia) or gesturing at net zero while deforestation surges (Brazil) is not enough to be on the list of responsible governments. Regeneration of natural and built environments, and social, cultural and political regeneration, are complementary aspects and depend on each other.
    Recognizing that this should be a public agenda, how different values (e.g., use vs. preservation) and the framing of these values (e.g., ecosystem services vs. species) motivate policy makers and private owners to assign and implement public resources to conservation programs and policies, that depend not only on information, but of different interpretations of reality?