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    I hold a J.D. and a Ph.D. in English and am a Lecturing Fellow and Associate Director of First-Year Writing in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University. My teaching and scholarship are deeply engaged with the intersection of textual form and humanistic inquiry, digital composition and pedagogy, the ethics and imperatives of public knowledge and collective action, and humanities-based critical perspectives on law and justice. My dissertation considered the aesthetics of justice and communal subjectivity in progressive British Romantic-era literature. At Duke, I have taught Writing 101 courses focused on the digital humanities, namely, on the intersection of the human, humanities-based education, and the digital age, and on the intersection of social media and social justice movements. I am the lead TWP fellow collaborating on a Humanities Writ Large grant to determine how academic writing is transforming in the digital age and, through that grant, helped establish the Digital Writing and Pedagogy Lab housed in the TWP.

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