I am the Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian for Iowa State University. I teach our university’s Information Literacy course, Library 160, and provide liaison support for the Anthropology and Sociology departments at the university. However, the bulk of my duties relate to outreach and education about Open Access, Open Education, copyright, and other topics related to Scholarly Communication.

My main job duties at this time are related to Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER). I have created guides and tools for users to learn more about OER, including a recent series of Youtube videos to introduce faculty to OER and topics related to Open Education. I have also coordinated our Open Education Mini-Grants on campus, and participate on Iowa State’s Open & Affordable Education Committee.

My personal and professional interests lie in Open Education, Open Science, and the Digital Humanities: I am interested in the ways that the Digital Humanities are changing the traditional flow of scholarship among scholars in Humanities disciplines, and I am also interested in Open Access monograph publishing and Open Textbook publishing. If you have a research project you are seeking collaborators for, feel free to reach out and I will let you know if I’m interested.



ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2289-0166

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