I am an ethnomusicologist and sound culture researcher specializing in urban Kenya. I received my PhD in ethnomusicology from Columbia University in 2009, with a dissertation on voice, place, and identity on Kenya’s Swahili coast. From 2011 to 2013, I carried out research on the recording industry in Nairobi as a postdoctoral research associate with Georgina Born’s ERC-funded project on music and digital technology at Oxford. Currently I am working on an ethnographic monograph on music, spatial relations, and cultural citizenship in urban Kenya, while also continuing my research on the recording industry in Nairobi.


PhD Columbia University, Ethnomusicology, 2009 BMus New York University, Jazz Performance (Minor in Cultural Anthropology)

Other Publications

Articles and Chapters
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Report General Readership Publications Book Reviews
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Audiovisual Media Reviews
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