I have a PhD in Classical Studies from the Open University and over ten years professional experience in the museum sector. I specialise in the identification and interpretation of Roman material culture and Roman Yorkshire, as well as researching ancient magic, ritual, and religion. My PhD thesis was titled The Materiality of Magic in Roman Britain and aimed to investigate the archaeological evidence for magic in the Roman Britain. I am an Associate Collections Curator at York Museums Trust. I have authored two books on Roman archaeology, edited two collections papers, and contributed book chapters and articles to peer reviewed journals. I have additional research interests in amulets and folklore, Whitby jet, materiality and sensory archaeology.


BA(hons) Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Leicester (2009)
MA Rome & Its Neighbours, University of Leicester (2010)
PhD Classical Studies, Open University (2022)

Other Publications

2015. “The Fist-and-Phallus Pendant from Roman Catterick”, Britannia 46. 135-149.

2016. With Ross, C. “A New Phallic Carving from Roman Catterick”, Britannia 47. 271-279.

2016. “Staring at Death: The Jet Gorgoneia of Roman Britain”, in Hoss, S. and Whitmore, A. (eds.) Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire. Oxford, Oxbow. 98-116.

2017. “Protecting the Troops? Phallic Carvings in the North of Roman Britain”, in Parker, A. (ed) Ad Vallum: Papers in Celebration of Dr. Brian Dobson (BAR British Series 631). Oxford, British Archaeological Reports. 117-130.

2018. “The Bells! The Bells! Approaching Tintinnabula in Roman Britain and Beyond”, in Parker, A. and McKie, S. (eds) Material Approaches to Roman Magic: Occult Objects and Supernatural Substances (TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology 2). Oxford, Oxbow.

2018. With Walter, A. “A Medieval, Dual-sided, Jet Pendant from Poppleton, York”, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 90(1), 213-222.

2019. With McKie, S. “Hitching a lift: Functional context and magical symbolism in a Roman linch pin from Wootton, North Lincolnshire. Britannia 50. 55-64.

2020. “His and Hers: Magic, Materiality, and Sexual Imagery”, in Collins, R. and Ivleva, T. Un-Roman Sex: Gender, Sexuality and Lovemaking in the Roman Provinces and Frontiers (Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies). 90-113.

2021. “Phalli Fighting with Fluids: Approaching images of Ejaculating phalli in the Roman world”, in Bradley, M., Leonard, V., and Totelin, L. (eds) Body Fluids in Antiquity. Routledge. 173-190.

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