• Personal performance archiving describes a practice in which individuals who regularly attend live performances document their experiences, usually through the collection of documents such as programmes, playbills, cast sheets, ticket stubs, posters and leaflets. This is a form of documenting performance which intersects with the related field of serious leisure. Personal performance archiving relies on the collection and storage of physical documents, yet in this age of rapidly advancing digital technologies and social media, born-digital documents are beginning to take precedence in event management. This will undoubtedly affect these kinds of hobbyist archivists. This project strives to understand three main topics; what information can be taken from archived performance documents, how audience members are currently documenting and archiving their experience, and how the increase of digitisation and born-digital documents will affect this practice.
    This project used a survey to determine the current collecting and archiving preferences of modern theatregoers, several collections of physical and digitised programmes to compare style and content over different eras, and contains a literature review concerning current and future digital modes of performance documentation.