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Grant writing and grant opportunities – 2020 meeting

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      Elena Valussi

      Elena Valussi:  Suggestions for grant writing – A few thoughts from today’s discussion

      Know your audience and modify your writing with that in mind.
      Be specific, concrete, and clear. Your proposal will be read by specialists in your field (whom you want to impress), but also probably also non-specialists, for whom it is important to understand your project and relate to it.
      Make sure you explain very well why your project matters, in your field and outside it.
      Demonstrate that this project is achievable and explain how you will achieve it. Participate in fellowship writing workshops offered by your university or other institutions.
      Seek feedback from colleagues or mentors. Choose your letter writers carefully, with this in mind: do they know and respect your work? Can they explain on your behalf why your project is worth funding? If it does not work the first time, it may work the second time. Try again, the pool of applicants and the evaluators might be very different. Don’t be discouraged. If co-writing a grant proposal, seek people who can share the work, and who are equally invested in the project. Seek small grants at AAR, AAS, AHA, and other organizations. Seek out small granting institutions. Seek internal grants from your own university. This will give you practice, will give you some funding, and will build your CV.

      Natasha Heller:  These are the links shared in the chat this morning:


      SSSR student research grants

      ASR (Association of Sociology of Religion) grants

      A great Chinese studies grant:

      A great early to middle career fellowship: Institute for Advanced Study, School of Social Sciences & School of Historical Study


      More grant giving organizations mentioned:


      Tang Studies society:
      Templeton (as far as I know you need to be invited to apply  – a bit mysterious)

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      Stephanie Wong

      Thanks for sharing all this!

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