This group seeks to promote and support female scholars of literature as experts in their fields and professionals in their own right. The group is a step toward building a database of scholars to be launched on a website in line with other “Women also Know …” sites. See us on Twitter @WeAlsoKnowLit

Welcome to Women also Know Literature

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      Cristina León Alfar

      Welcome to Women also Know Literature.   If you are not yet a member, we hope that you will join us!

      We are a group of literature scholars inspired by the efforts of “Women Also Know History,” which has launched an impressive website dedicated to promoting and supporting the work of women historians.  We hope to do the same for women scholars of literature, starting with this group page.

      I believe I have set up this group page so that members are free to invite other members to join the group.  If you find that this is not the case, please let me know.  Otherwise, please invite colleagues to join us as we begin to build a database in preparation for launching our own site.

      Cristina León Alfar
      (on behalf of the committee)

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