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Book Bans and the Conservative Critique of Critical Race Theory (Virtual event)

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      Lorena Gauthereau

      Book Bans and the Conservative Critique of Critical Race Theory: What’s Really Going On? (Virtual)

      Wednesday , November 16, 2022, 12:00PM to 1:15PM (EST) <br aria-hidden=”true” />RSVP:

      Join leading scholars, practitioners, and intellectuals as they discuss new challenges to intellectual honesty and free expression in the educational and civic spheres. This program will assess the issues and opportunities to challenge growing censorship and misinformation efforts, including banning school and library coverage of racial history and literature and associated conservative attacks on Critical Race Theory.<br aria-hidden=”true” /><br aria-hidden=”true” />This event is part of a five-part webinar series that aims to lift up big ideas, offering actionable insights to civic leaders, education practitioners, workforce professionals, allied advocates, policy leaders, philanthropy and social investment executives, journalists, and the general public.


      <br aria-hidden=”true” />Tim Komatsu – Research Assistant, Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy<br aria-hidden=”true” />Dr. Sheryl Evans Davis – Director, City of San Francisco Human Rights Commission<br aria-hidden=”true” />Dr. Nicolás Kanellos – Brown Foundation Professor of Hispanic Studies and Founding Director, Arte Publico Press, University of Houston<br aria-hidden=”true” />Presented by the Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy and Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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