This community will create a way for scholars to connect with peers and help keep things such as language fluency, translation, and research skills sharp, as well as answer questions that medievalist scholars may have. Discussion about any and all things medieval in nature is also strongly encouraged and warmly welcomed. Note: “Lone Medievalist” has a broad definition, which may include but is not limited to: faculty who are the only medievalist in their departments or on their campuses; faculty at branch campuses; contingent or marginalized faculty; graduate students; alt-ac; independent scholars, etc. The purpose of The Lone Medievalist Online website is to cultivate a community where lone medievalists can make connections, share and gather ideas, and engage in the larger collective that is Medieval Studies. It will be a space for conversation, requests for assistance, introductions, entertainment, and education. By creating this site, we hope to introduce and include more people into an intricate web comprised of like-minded educators and enthusiasts.

Conference Opportunities

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      Kisha Tracy

      The Lone Medievalist sponsors sessions at the International Congress and other conferences each year.

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      Kisha Tracy

      Happy to report that the Lone Medievalist-sponsored panel at SEMA 2017 (Nov 16-18 in Charleston, SC) has been accepted! Thank you to the LM SEMA point person, Mary Valante!

      Roundtable: Collaborative Teaching and the Lone Medievalist
      Sponsored by: The Lone Medievalist
      Presider: Mary A. Valante, Appalachian State University
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      Alan Baragona: “Going Far Afield: Engineering Collaboration with STEM”
      Elizabeth Rambo, Campbell University: “How not to Succeed in offering a Multidisciplinary Minor in Medieval Studies”
      Lee Templeton, North Carolina Wesleyan College: “Thoughts on a Medieval Inter-Institutional Course”
      Patrick Wadden, Belmont Abbey College: “Inter-institutional, Collaborative Teaching of Medieval Irish History, or How the Irish, the Vikings and the English Can All Get Along”
      Melissa Elmes, Lindenwood University: “Collaborative Assignment Design: A Hands-On Practicum”


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      Mary Dockray-Miller

      Looking for participants in the feminist/Anglo-Saxonist round table at KZoo in 2018 (see details via link below). Thanks! Mary

      CFP: A Feminist Renaissance in Anglo-Saxon Studies


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