A group for those interested in reading William Rowley’s The Birth of Merlin! Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time through the weird and wonderful world of this fabulous play, you are welcome here to discuss (asynchronously) with friends.

Wrap Up Thread

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    Nora J Williams

    Hi everybody — we did it! Thanks so much for joining in on this wacky adventure with me. It’s been such an anchor for me over the past six weeks, and I’ve learned so much from reading all of your insightful posts.

    Before the reading group comes to an end, I wanted to create a space for any final thoughts: overarching themes, big questions, stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else. Feel free to drop any last thoughts here. 🙂

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    Andrew Loeb

    I have nothing especially exciting in the way of final thoughts other than to say thanks, Nora, for organizing this. It was a lot of fun revisiting this play, and the rich variety of insights that everyone offered made it a really enlightening experience. Hope everyone is well. Keep me in the loop if you’ve got any other wacky plays you want to talk about.

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    Anna Kamaralli

    Thank you so much for organising this, Nora. Getting other people’s takes definitely showed me things that I would not have picked up reading on my own.

    My final thought is probably that I’m surprised at the 1622 date for this play. Its overall ‘feel’ for me is that it owes heaps to medieval morality plays, and if I’d read it without knowing I would have guessed a much earlier composition date.

    I’m still both baffled and kind of delighted by the removal of the two eligible noble ingenues from the marriage market, on their own petition. Twist!

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