Founded in 1998, the Popular Music Interest Group is dedicated to promoting the scholarly study of popular music through methods including musical analysis and theory. Our goals include:
• Ensuring academic recognition for popular music research
• Encouraging more scholars of music theory to engage popular repertoires
• Encouraging scholars of popular music to make effective use of musical analysis and theory

On our Humanities Commons site, we rely on our members to help edit this resource — this cooperation will help continually improve the presence of popular music in our classrooms and scholarship. Many thanks!

Seeking Officer Nominations!

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      Christine Boone

      We are seeking nominations for the following officer positions for SMT’s Popular Music Interest Group. Self nominations are encouraged! Please email all nominations to Nominations will close at 5:00 pm EST on Dec. 1, 2021.

      CHAIR: The Chair is responsible for the management of the Interest Group, including submitting reports to the Society for Music Theory’s board, submitting reports to the Society for Music Theory’s newsletter, soliciting nominations for the Interest Group’s annual publication awards, organizing the Interest Group business meeting, chairing the Publication Awards committee, and curating a session at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory.

      SECRETARY: The Secretary will record the minutes of the meeting and assist the Chair as needed.

      WEBMASTER: The Webmaster will be responsible for establishing and maintaining the Interest Group’s web presence.

      All officers serve two year terms. After each two year term, the Chair and the Webmaster stay on for one year of consultation, as Outgoing Chair and Outgoing Webmaster.

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