Founded in 1998, the Popular Music Interest Group is dedicated to promoting the scholarly study of popular music through methods including musical analysis and theory. Our goals include:
• Ensuring academic recognition for popular music research
• Encouraging more scholars of music theory to engage popular repertoires
• Encouraging scholars of popular music to make effective use of musical analysis and theory

On our Humanities Commons site, we rely on our members to help edit this resource — this cooperation will help continually improve the presence of popular music in our classrooms and scholarship. Many thanks!

PMIG Meeting Reminder

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      Alyssa Barna

      Dear colleauges,

      Our Popular Music Interest Group meeting will take place at SMT 2019 in Columbus, OH, on Saturday 11/9 from 12:30 to 1:30 in Taft C.

      We will be reviewing and revising the bylaws at this meeting, so please take a moment to review them in advance. The proposed edits and draft of the bylaws can be found here, with several helpful comments and edits already noted:


      Additionally, we will spend time updating our Popular Music materials on Humanites Commons during the meeting. If you have any of your own materials that you would be willing to share (Syllabi, Lesson Plans, Assignments, etc.), please “bring” them (digitally) to the meeting. We will also update the woefully out-of-date bibliography (available here: Please be prepared to update this document with your own research citations, add new categories and tags, and cite work that you admire.

      It is our hope that by updating the materials we will have robust resources to share amongst our PMIG colleagues, as well as for scholars working outside popular music. Thank you in advance!

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      Noriko Manabe

      Hi, I have updates I’d like to make to the bibliography, but I can’t make it to SMT this year—it conflicts with SEM, where I’m a board member. Is it possible for me to edit the document, or should I email someone my suggestions?

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      Alyssa Barna

      Hi Noriko,

      You can absolutely edit the document yourself—the middle “edit” tab (between “Read” and “History” tabs) on the Bibliography Doc will allow you to type into the document. If your citations fit underneath the categories that already exist, you can just add them in and try to include some of the tags listed (or create and list new ones). If you want to create a new category you can place that at the top and fill in the citations under your new category below, and I will go in and create the appropriate links at some point. If it is simply easier to email suggestions, that is fine, too—you can reach me at

      Let me know if you have any questions!


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      Megan Lavengood

      I’ve just made a Google form for submitting new sources for the bibliography—click here to submit an entry [CORRECTED LINK]

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