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• Ensuring academic recognition for popular music research
• Encouraging more scholars of music theory to engage popular repertoires
• Encouraging scholars of popular music to make effective use of musical analysis and theory

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keywords for your research?

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    Megan Lavengood

    Hello! At our next PMIG meeting, which is Saturday, Nov 3 at 12:30PM in San Antonio, we will spend the majority of our time in small group discussion. We will break our increasingly massive interest group up into smaller groups based on common interests, and the groups will use that time to network, share ideas, and so on.

    To determine what these small groups would be, I am collecting keywords for our research.

    If you are attending the meeting, please fill out this very short Google form—it should take about 1–2 minutes—and check all boxes that are relevant to your research in popular music. You can also add options if you don’t see something that represents your work.

    Looking forward to more brainstorming about this!

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    Megan Lavengood

    Hi again! This is a reminder to please fill out this form if you have not yet already done so. I will soon begin analysis of the responses and determine a more specific plan for our small group discussion.

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    Megan Lavengood

    For those of you who are curious, these are the group ideas I’ve (tentatively) settled on:

    • lyrics
    • timbre
    • cognition
    • performance
    • tonality/modality
    • topic theory
    • corpus study
    • rhythm/meter

    Let me know if you have any thoughts!

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