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      Jacob P. Cupps

      Hello, everyone!

      As those of you who attended our January meeting might recall, the HHRIG currently assembling a hip-hop studies bibliography. In its current form, the bibliography is being drafted as a Google Doc and has just over fifty entries. I have also added a PDF copy of it to the Files Tab on this group page. I am reaching out today to solicit advice about how the bibliography might be organized and to request that group members add additional citations. Citations of your own research are encouraged!

      Those who follow the link above will find that the document is shared with view-only access; this is to ensure that no edits to the document are made incidentally. If you would like to add a citation, feel free to click “Request Edit Access,” and I will approve editorship ASAP. Feel free, too, to leave citations and organization suggestions in below in this thread.

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