We are an anti-colonial digital humanities pedagogy practice, representing the fields of English, Indigenous, and Filipinx/a/o studies; Information Studies; and Architectural Theory-History and Design Studies. Paulo Freire’s writings on the “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” (1970) are foundational to the naming and structuring of this collective. We lead workshops, deliver talks, produce writings, and teach courses within coalitions in and across the Global North and Global South that challenge the overlapping injustices of historically white, upper caste, and heteropatriarchal orders, whilst illuminating the specificities of those injustices and education-centered counternarratives in a given place. We are Ashley Caranto Morford (HC: @ashleycarantomorford), Arun Jacob (HC: @arunjacob), and Kush Patel (HC: @kshpatel)

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