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The ORC in 2020

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      Pablo Markin

      Dear All,

      This blog post briefly reviews the highlights of the Open Research Community (ORC) since its launch in early 2020:

      More specifically, in the last year, the ORC registered around 104,000 page views, had almost 28,000 new and returning visitors, and achieved exposure across the United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada, while attracting about 2,000 unique visitors last December.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Pablo B. Markin

      Adjunct Instructor

      University of the People | Arts & Sciences Division



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      Tom Mosterd

      Thanks for sharing Pablo and congrats with this milestone and if I read it correctly over 1 post a day on average. Good luck with the ORC in 2021 and looking forward to seeing some OA-books related news pop-up from time to time!

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      Pablo Markin

      You are welcome Tom. Thanks for this feedback and greetings. The presence on the ORC has, indeed, been a mixed bag, but relatively consistent. I will do my best to target whatever posts I will be sharing in this list/area to book-related OA topics!

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