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The OABN wants your feedback/ (not a) survey

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      Agata Morka

      This is not a survey, as Magritte would say… it’s surreal how easy it is to answer our questions!
      The OABN wants YOUR feedback to get to know our growing network better.  But we know that no one likes surveys. So we’ll make this one as painless as possible: it will be to the point, short, and productive. Since we started three years ago, the Open Access Books Network has served as a platform for everyone interested in OA books to come together, share knowledge and advance OA for books. During that time, hundreds of people have joined the OABN and we want to get to know our growing network better. The aim of this survey is twofold:

      1. To find out more about you
      2. To learn more about what you want from the OABN, so we can figure out how to support that.

      We can’t promise to fulfill every request, but if you tell us what you want we’ll do our best to meet the challenge! So please grab a cup of coffee and give us 5 minutes to answer some brief questions about yourself and what you’d like to see from the OABN. Off we go!


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