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Open access to doctoral thesis

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      Hans de Jonge

      Dear members of the OA book network,

      Hope you are able to help me with the following. Some weeks ago I came across a very useful post or guide regarding open access to PhD theses. Among others, it covered the well-known discussion / fears of PhD-students in the humanities that they wont get a book contract with commercial publishers for a monograph based on a thesis that was made OA before. Discussion on the need to have embargos (or not) etc. I think I may have seen this on twitter. But I cant remember where and when. Has anyone seen it and / or can point me to an authoritative source where this topic is treated well? I am aware of this work by Jill Cirasella an Polly Thistlethwaite:

      Hans de Jonge

      Head of Open Science policies

      Dutch Research Council NWO

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      Lucy Barnes

      Hi Hans,

      This is possibly not what you’re after, but I did find a list of resources from UKRIO about this topic:

      Hopefully others will have something more longform/authoritative (thanks for flagging that manual; I hadn’t come across it before).

      All best,


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      Lucy Barnes

      Just to follow up here (and not intended to hijack the thread) but does anyone know if there has been an effort to collate a resource that sets out publisher policies on this issue? We had a question about OA books and doctoral theses at the Frankfurt Book Fair panel on the OAPEN OA Books Toolkit, and it’s sparked a discussion on Twitter ( about the potential usefulness of such a resource.

      Would be good to know if anything like this exists, or if anyone would be interested in trying to create it!

    • #39055

      Peter Suber

      The Open Access Tracking Project has been covering this topic. See the items tagged with both “oa.etds” and “oa.embargoes”.

      The items are listed in the order tagged (most recent first), not the order published. I just tagged some older items to make sure they were included.

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