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OA through the lenses of equity and inclusion

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      John Sherer


      The Association of University Presses is compiling resources (articles, research data, tool kits) to help look at our industry through the lenses of equity, justice, and inclusion. To that end, I’m looking for any research articles on OA that take that approach. I have found a helpful article from Roz Pyne and others called DIVERSIFYING READERSHIP THROUGH OA:

      Just curious if others know about other similar resources? Thanks

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      Kevin Hawkins

      John, you might mine for useful sources.  I wish you could browse OATP by more than one tag at a time (all “oa.dei” and “oa.publishers”, for example), but I can’t figure out a way to do that.  Happy digging!

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        Peter Suber

        Hi Kevin. Thanks for linking to the OATP tag library for “oa.dei”.

        FYI, here’s the OATP tag library for the conjunction “oa.dei AND oa.publishers”:

        OATP supports deep links like this to any boolean combination of tags. If you write me directly ( I’d be happy to say more about how it works.

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      Ronald Snijder

      This is a rather old article, but might be useful:
      Do developing countries profit from free books? : Discovery and online usage in developed and developing countries compared
      Journal of Electronic Publishing 2013-11 | journal-article DOI: 10.3998/3336451.0016.103

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