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Metadata & Open Access Books


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      Lucy Barnes

      There’s a new report out on metadata and OA books from COPIM:

      Stone, G., Gatti, R., van Gerven Oei, V. W. J., Arias, J., Steiner, T., & Ferwerda, E. (2020). WP5 Scoping Report: Building an Open Dissemination System. COPIM.

      This is part of COPIM’s WP5, which is aiming to ‘develop technical protocols and infrastructure to better integrate open access books into institutional library, digital learning and repository systems’ and is developing a metadata management system called Thoth.

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      Tobias Steiner

      Country-/region-specific metadata formats for OA books: Discussion of MAB2 as legacy standard in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and its relation to MARC21 and ONIX.

      Bülte, T. (2020) Welche (Um-)Wege nehmen Metadaten für Open-Access-Bücher vom Verlag zum Discovery System der Bibliothek? [What (re-)routes do metadata for Open Access books take from the publisher to the library’s discovery system?] p. 43-75 in Graf, D., Fadeeva, Y., Falkenstein-Feldhoff, K. (Eds.), 2020. Bücher im Open Access: Ein Zukunftsmodell für die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften?, OGeSoMo (BMBF-Projekt). Verlag Barbara Budrich.

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      Jennifer Kemp

      OASPA recently held a webinar on Open Book Metadata that may be of interest. The recording, slides and discussion notes are posted on their blog.

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