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Crossref Event: Fixing the Information Supply Chain for Scholarly ebooks

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    Charles Watkinson

    The Crossref Books Advisory Group is holding a free webinar on “Fixing the Information Supply Chain for Scholarly ebooks – Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices.” It’s not solely about OA ebooks, but of course OA sheds a stark light on some of the current issues. The date is Tuesday October 19, 11-12:30 pm ET / 4:00 – 5:30 pm BST / 5:00 – 6:30 pm CET.

    Please register below if you’d like to attend. Here is the description:

    Where do identifiers and metadata drop in and drop out of the ebook supply chain and why?
    Title management systems, for example, though a key part of the scholarly ebooks supply chain for many, are not well integrated into some of the standing community groups and many of the discussions around related issues.
    Downstream tools and services that use ebook information, often after several changes, reflect gaps and inconsistencies that highlight the need to identify what the benefits, challenges, and opportunities are for the various stakeholders involved.

    This 90-minute session aims to bring together a variety of stakeholders, beyond the Crossref Books Group, to outline and understand through presentation and Chatham house rules group discussion.

    Learn about:

    • the increasing importance of ebook identifiers and metadata to scholarly credit and discovery
    • how information moves through the current supply chain and why it is sometimes lost or changed
    • opportunities for and benefits of stakeholder-specific best practices



    • Publishers & The System(s) They Rely on: Ashley Postlethwaite, Business Systems Manager, Duke University Press
    • Playing Telephone in the Supply Chain aka How Information Drops In & Out: Jeff Edmunds, Penn State University Libraries
    • The Need for Book Metadata in RIM/CRIS Systems: Rebecca Bryant, OCLC Research


    Registration for this meeting is required. A short survey is open to gather input ahead of the session. Please reply by Friday October 1st.  

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    Tom Mosterd

    Thanks for sharing Charles. Just registered as this can be quite relevant for us here to participate in! Tom

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