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Business Models for Open Access Books

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    Tom Mosterd

    This topic aims to facilitate and provide information around business models for Open Access books. What business models are out there for Open Access books? How are these evolving and are there particular challenges that could be addressed to improve these?


  • #36132

    Lucy Barnes

    There are a couple of in-depth posts that have been published in recent weeks by scholar-led presses discussing their business models in some detail (one of which I co-wrote, for full disclosure!) – they might be of interest to this thread:

  • #36732

    Vanessa Proudman

    Since there is quite some diversity in the OA books community, would love to hear more about the financial or business models that support Open Access books other than BPCs from publishers in countries across all corners of Europe and beyond.

    OBP does a great job of being transparent about their publishing costs and about their revenue streams in their blog post of May 2020.

    Are you a small or large publisher? What financial / business models are you using? And how do they scale, and do they need to? What lesson have your learnt? Please share here.

  • #36760

    Tom Grady

    @COPIM project (Work Package 3) is just putting the finishing touches to a report containing a comprehensive review of extant OA monograph revenue models – think there are about 17 or 18 models we’ve identified. (Some more practical than others, and I think all of them used in some kind of combination). We will hopefully publish the report next week so I’ll add a link to that to this thread if that would be useful?

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    Tom Grady

    Hi folks, we just published our (quite large!) report on revenue funding models for OA monographs. So, as promised, you can read and download it for free from here:

    If anyone has questions arising from this report then please do get in touch on here – happy to discuss and keep the conversation going.


    • #37378

      Sebastian Nordhoff

      I had a look at @scholtom‘s report. Very nice work. The section on “subscribe-to-open” lists Language Science Press. I am not sure this is 100% correct. LangSci never had closed content, so we could not possibly do a transition, and we can also not threaten to revert back to that. I can see how we ended up there, but the model is slightly different.

      We have published our annotated business model here:

      Our annual reports including revenue and expenditures can be found here:


      • #37421

        Tom Grady

        Hi Sebastian, thanks for this feedback. Hmm I’ll have a chat with my fellow authors and see if we can incorporate what you’ve told us here. Looks like we may have misinterpreted something along the way. This is very useful feedback and a great example of how this network works!

        Best wishes,


  • #37374

    Lucy Barnes

    A couple more posts on OA books and business models, all (relatively) recently published:

  • #39328

    Tobias Steiner

    MIT’s Center for Research on Equitable and Open Scholarship has recently advertised its “selective bibliography” on The Economics of Scholarly Monographs:

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