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      Agata Morka

      In this thread we will post announcements of all sorts: like an interesting upcoming event, a webinar worth attending etc, to draw your attention to these gems.

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      Agata Morka

      Bring your own coffee on October 22 at 4 PM CEST/3 PM BST/ 10 AM EDT and dial in to talk to the OA books community! It will be a free flow chat, we got 40 min booked, we thought it would be a nice coffee break to have at the end of the OA Week 2020. Hope to see you there. Link to the event:


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      Tom Mosterd

      Hi everyone,

      I would like to invite you to participate in a short 8-10 minute survey on citizen science funding in the SSH, part of the Collaborative Engagement on Societal Issues (COESO) project.

      The survey is on citizen science funding in the SSH and the results will help the COESO project in identifying funding needs for different types of stakeholders in the SSH community for participatory research projects with and for society.

      COESO gathers 15 partners from 6 different European countries. One of its main objectives is to work with funders to innovate funding schemes for citizen science in SSH.

      Survey link

      More info can be found in this blog post. Responses can be submitted until April 15.

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      Eric Hellman

      We’ve opened the Free Ebook Foundation Open Access Monographs Fund!

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