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Advancing Open Access in The Netherlands: discussion

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      Agata Morka

      A brand new take on advancing OA in The Netherlands has just been published: The authors reached out to the OABN for comments, so we are kicking off a discussion with first thoughts after having read the text.


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      Agata Morka

      Comments on proposed framewrok:

      I think it would be worth thinking a bit more about what kind of OA you want to push for and integrate it with the proposed framework.
      You already have a point about supporting business models other than these based on APCs, but there is no such consideration in the framework itself for books.
      Also, in the spirit of “fair OA”: what kind of publishers you would like to support, are there requirements that they need to adhere to in terms of cost transparency for example?
      These questions could possibly be added to the section “how, where, when”.

      Comments on recommendations for books and book chapters section

      You  point out the following areas that need to be taken into consideration:

      1. discussing how changes in reward and recognition may impact the wish to publish with high status publishers

      2. discussing the acceptance of reuse licenses for books and chapters

      3. whether the Book Processing Charge (BPC) model should actually be the preferred business model for open access books or that – because of the apparent unaffordability of that model – alternative collaborative funding models should be considered.

      Perhaps the question which is also “special” for books are the embargo periods, does it make sense to have longer ones for books?

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      Tom Mosterd

      Hi, great to see this article which ‘opens up’ the conversation and explores additional steps that could be taken – including books and chapters.


      To add to Agata’s comments:


      If there is indeed some level of agreement on the limitations and extent to which the Gold OA model, through a ‘Book-Processing-Charge (BPC)’ model, can work on a large-scale for books and chapters, a pilot testing into an alternative, Diamond OA model, could be interesting. Such a pilot and learnings from such a pilot can also be interesting for others, and lower the barriers for establishing an international collaborative funding model for books and chapters.



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