The Network for Digital Humanities in Africa was born out of the workshop Digital Humanities: the perspective of Africa, a satellite event of DH2019. The membership of the network is open to scholars who are interested in the development of digital humanities around the continent of Africa.

(Hybrid) Workshop: Extracting Heterogeneous Reference Data

Event Description

Are you interested in extracting literature references from historical texts, scholarly literature in the humanities, documents in low-resourced languages? Want to see how CRF-based approaches compare to LLM ones? Want to make sure the challenges you are struggling with are on developers' roadmaps? Want to learn about some use cases or discuss yours? Then please join us next week in this hybrid workshop. Registration is open, programme is online. See this page for more information: (Presentations will be recorded. You are invited also to register just to be notified when the recordings or other material will be made available online.) Note: Times are CEST (UTC +2)

Event Details

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