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Help with assignment design

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    Kathleen DeLaurenti

    Hi all –

    I’m co-teaching a music seminar/bibliography hybrid course this semester and I’m looking for some ideas about how to improve an assignment.

    We want to work with the students to create a new anthology of composers underrepresented in the canon because of gender identity or sexual orientation. We’d like students to work on chapters identified by theme and produce a “case” for the work as well as a score or recording of the piece.

    So, what to do with stuff that isn’t in the public domain or that exists in non-score format. I’d be interested in your thoughts; one idea for acoustic pieces is to have students seek permissions for their performances to be included in the text, but I’m not entirely satisfied with this option.

    I’d welcome any thoughts/ideas/feedback!

    Kathleen DeLaurenti
    Peabody Institute

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    Matthew Vest

    This is a wonderful project! Please keep us updated as it progresses.

    I’m not sure I get the question. Is it about copyright or about format? Or both?

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    Kathleen DeLaurenti

    More about ideas for alternate ways to represent works still in copyright in a meaningful way.

    Unfortunately, my co teacher just got a great job at another university, so it’s on hold. But I’m still interested in thinking through the assignment and potentially working on it in taken with courses at other institutions.


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