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Poster sessions

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    Susannah Cleveland

    What strategies could we employ to facilitate the sort of sharing we usually do in poster sessions?

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    Mark Scharff

    I think that, online or in person, there might be a pre-recorded video with a brief presentation of the topic (maybe maxxing out at 3-5 minutes).  If we are in person, this would allow others to target those poster sessions for which they have questions or further feedback (and that feedback loop could be added to the initial video too, I suppose).  If we are virtual, then the video still happens, with a time frame designated for drop-in sessions.  I presume that we would have access to software that would allow “breakout groups” where small-group conversations could take place.  There has to be images of candy, too. 🙂


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      Treshani Perera

      +1 for Mark’s idea of pre-recorded videos

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    Susannah Cleveland

    “images of candy” makes me wish we had a Like button here.

    Thanks for the great ideas, Mark!

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    Winston Barham

    This may be up to the Program Committee, but we might consider expanding the idea of what constitutes a “poster” since presenters often include audiovisual kiosks or slideshows in addition to the static display. I don’t have a poster in mind, but it might be challenging (possibly in a good way) to arrange certain types of displays to fit the poster format/size into a virtual environment.

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    Marci Cohen

    ACRL 2019 used the platform for both their in-person posters and to make the materials available afterwards. I don’t know anything on the tech or pricing side. Our head of instruction attended the conference then shared links to select posters for discussion among all our instruction librarians.

    Here’s an example:

    This deals with some of the technology side, but I would definitely want an interactive component, since a key benefit of poster sessions is to foster conversation with the presenters.

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    Susannah Cleveland

    Thanks, Marci. This is an intriguing format.

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    Karen Berry

    ACRL’s Distance Learning Section had a virtual poster session in April, which believe it or not was actually planned back in January!  I was REALLY impressed with it, and as a virtual attendee I found it very engaging, as anyone could comment on the posters and thus talk with presenters/other viewers almost in real time.  Presenters could create posters in whatever format they wanted, which was an educational experience for attendees in and of itself (there were some design/media programs I had never seen before).  I’m not sure what platform they used to host it (it may have just been on ALA’s website), but poster platforms included Microsoft Sway, YouTube videos, Powerpoint/Google Slides with/without embedded video/audio, static “slides” created in Canva or something similar, etc.  Posters were supposedly supposed to be archived after the event, but the link doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment.  In any case, here’s where the posters should be, as well as a Facebook post advertising the event, and a blog post about it.

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