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      Stephen Thomson Moore

      It is my impression that the amount of communication/postings etc. taking place on MLA-L is considerably less than ten, twenty or twenty-five years ago. Is this because there are fewer music librarians? or is the chatter taking place in other fora?

      -Tom Moore, FIU

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      Linda Fairtile

      I can only speak to the issue of communicating about advocacy.  The Music Library Advocacy Task Force’s 2017 survey indicated that a listserv was not the most desirable venue for discussions of advocacy-related topics.  Perhaps it’s due to listserv fatigue, or just a preference for other methods of communication.  Face-to-face discussion was the top survey choice, and the Music Library Advocacy Committee hopes to facilitate future conversations at both local and national meetings.

      At the same time, we encourage folks to use this discussion forum to ask questions about advocacy and share ideas about what has worked (or not worked) in their experience.

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      Nurhak Tuncer

      I really like this new communication platform as I was looking forward to it as most of the people in MLA. Excited for it. Yay!

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