Recent conversation has revealed levels of frustration at teaching classes on subjects in which we have varying degrees of insider knowledge or specialization. It can be hard to locate, collect, and synthesize recent discoveries or current trends in scholarship with the pressures of lesson plans, grading, and student abilities looming overhead. Wouldn’t it be nice, some of us wondered, if there could be a central hub where anyone who wished could a) post bibliographies, reading lists, and recommendations for accessible work; b) post ideas for lesson plans, assignments, projects, etc.; and/or c) request assistance on areas of teaching that they feel could benefit specialist insight? While the efforts of the AMS Pedagogy Study Group, the Journal of Music History Pedagogy, Engaging Students, and other such outlets are helpful and greatly needed, this group can serve to point toward resources housed elsewhere as well as acting as a free, open-access, crowd-sourced repository for new/informal materials, discussion, and specific requests.

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