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CFP: Oceanic Networks of Music and Dance

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      Amanda Harris

      Proposals are invited for next year\’s symposium Oceanic Networks of Music and Dance: Performing Continuities, Regeneration and Resonances Across Cultures hosted by the Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania, an association of the International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance. This 2-day symposium will coincide with the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture and is closely aligned with its theme: Ho’oulu Lāhui – Regenerating Oceania. Symposium in Honolulu, 4th -5th June 2024.

      Some questions that might prompt contributions include: How is cultural practice translated and transformed for public display?; How do we tell histories attentive to oral as well as written accounts?; How does the interconnected Oceanic region shape local cultural practices?; What is music, dance and performance for and what do songs do?

      Key themes include:

      • The role of Festivals of the Pacific and other international events as a forum for exchange of culture in
        the past and present
      • Relationships between place and cultural practice in public performance
      • The role of music and dance in shaping cross-cultural encounters
      • The relationship between music and language diversity and cultural exchange at festivals
      • Archival returns and their role in regenerating performance and exchange
      • Indigenous/ Oceanic methodologies in local and extra-local contexts
      • Diasporic connections and practices
      • Responses to climate change and regeneration of the environment through song
      • Other themes related to research on music and dance in the Oceania region

      Abstracts are due on 31 October – more info here:

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